I was brought in to provide UX recommendations on VoyagersHQ.com, a website created to promote the children's book series, Voyagers, created by best-selling author Patrick Carman.
The goal of the update was to streamline the site, and create a more organized and guided experience throughout. 
I updated the homepage to focus on introducing users to the Voyagers series, utilizing key information from the book series from the company's proprietary API. Relevant content includes planet and species deep dive as well as an introduction to the Project Alpha team. This helped draw the audience into the universe, creating a natural touchpoint for signup. 
I revamped the Books page to aggregate all the buy links, author info links, chapter samplers, and related content and games by each book, so that those who want a book-centric experience on the website can easily access all of the related information and content from one location. 
In order to increase time spent on site, I made both the Games page and the Planets page more prominent, as these are two pages that users would want to spend time exploring.
• Increase traffic (measured by unique visitors)
• Increase site engagement (measured by time on site)
• Traffic increased 25% Month over Month (based on full month analytics before and after site update)
• Average time spent per visit increased from 3-4 minutes before site update to 10 minutes post-site update! 
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